Nineteenandme Contest Chance To Win Goodies Worth Rs 50000

Here is good news for all ladies, Shopnineteen has come with an exciting  Fashion contest just register for it and get a chance to win goodies worth 50,000.

Nineteenandme Contest – Get a Chance To Win Goodies Worth Rs 50,000/- | Bonus points to the ladies

Shopnineteen is going to organizing an amazing contest for the woman. Just click a picture of yourself in the most stylish shopnineteen outfit and post it. Also use the hastag- #nineteenandme. So get ready to win the goodies. Don’t miss this golden chance. You can follow this link for more information:

Link of Shopnineteen:

BONUS points will get the ladies posting pictures with the great composition.4 winners to be announced and get consolation prizes. Upload a stylish picture in shopnineteen outfit and Tag it in the post- Shopnineteen. So get ready to win a lot of goodies.

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