Participate, give a miscall, receive IVR, send the correct answer of given question is based on night angry bird film and stand a chance to get couple screening tickets to 500 winners.

Participate | Give A Miscall | Give Answers | Chance To Get Couple Screening Tickets(500 Winners)

Sony pix premiers night angry bird contest is hosted by the Sony Pix. This is the angry bird Movie promo contest. Just give a miscall on a give mobile numbers, give answer of given questions is based on the bird Movie and have a chance to get couple screening tickets. Just participate, give miscall on 0-88208 88208 Mobile numbers, accept IVR and send the answer of angry bird film and have a exciting prizes. You can also participate on here give official website of sony pix channel Link:-

Contest Period: May 07, 2016 to May 21, 2016

Before participate and give answer of movie question must read term and condition on click here link http://www.sonypix.com/pdf/tnc/2016-05-06/32_file_PIX_Premiere_Nights_Contest-TC_for_Angry_Birds.pdf

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