Tongue Twister 20 Contest – Get A Chance To Win Big

Follow on contest post on twitter, send your video or retwet must use hashtag before expire date and get a chance to win big from Castrol cricket.

Follow | Send Your Video | Get Exciting Big Prizes

Tongue Twister 20 contest is announced on the twitter page of Castrol cricket. Just participate in Tongue Twister 20 contest and get a chance to big prizes. For participate and win big just follow 3 steps: first is follow the contest post, retweet on post on contest post, must use hashtag #TongueTwister. If you want to big and participate the click here contest Link or Check out @castrolcricket’s Tweet:

This Tongue Twister 20 contest is open for specific time duration. Before submit your entry must read term and condition here on term and condition on Tongue Twister 20 contest link or Check out @castrolcricket’s Tweet:

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