Vijay Television Bingo On Bigg Boss Contest- Win 1 Lakh Paytm Gold, Bingo

Vijaya TV presenting an amazing chance BingoOnBiggBoss Contest – Voting and its a best time to show your love to your favourite contestant. So don’t miss this chance your vote is valuable so give your vote to your favourite one and help them to move on.

Vijay Television Bingo On Bigg Boss Contest- Vote – Asal | Participate and Chance to Win 1 Lakh Paytm Gold and Favorite Bingo! Flavors

Hello every one today we are again here win an amazing chance and today its presenting by Vijaya TV its giving you a chance to give vote to your favorite in Bingo On Bigg Boss Contest. So this best time to show your love to your best contestant your vote is very necessary for them to win. So don’t miss this amazing chance to support your best player. These types of chance will never come again so support now. Vote for the Asal contestant with reason or opinion and update status with hashtag #BingoOnBiggBoss in public mode.
So this is best time to show your love to your favorite one doesn’t miss this amazing chance to show your love and take participate as fast as possible.


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Contest Details:

  1. Bingo On Bigg Boss contest starts on 23rd September, 2017 and close on 26th September 2017 at 11:59 pm.
  2. This contest is open for Indian people,
  3. Age limit is 18 years old,
  4. Vote for the Asal contestant with reason or opinion,
  5. Update status with hashtag #BingoOnBiggBoss in public,


  1. Chance to Win 1 Lakh Paytm Gold with 5 winners,
  2. Chance to Win Favorite Bingo Flavours with 1000 winners.



Disclaimer: Before Participate any contest. You must read all terms and conditions which provide by the contest organizer on their website or pages. We are not responsible any personal and other damage of yours. Check Our Disclaimer.

45 thoughts on “Vijay Television Bingo On Bigg Boss Contest- Win 1 Lakh Paytm Gold, Bingo

  1. G. Visithra

    Snehan is a real person to help village youngsters. I like his speach and I really trust him.

    1. Menaga.s

      Winner in snehan

  2. Kavitha

    Snehan is the winner of big boss because he is a super and honest player in big boss

    1. Menaga.s

      Winner in snehan

  3. s.pavithra

    Snehan is the winner of bigg boss Tamil season1. Because he does every tasks in full involvement. He do every work in the house like cooking,vessel washing,cleaning.

    1. M Shanthi

      Arav is the winner of the big boss title. Arav don t act.. The real show. He live the reality show. Arav body languages is good. Laughing 100% guarnty அறவே . சோகத்தை கூட சுமையாக நெனைக்கல ஆரவ்.

  4. K Govindaraj

    Snegan real person

  5. K Govindaraj

    Snegan real person and worth for winner

  6. Indhirani Rajesh

    Ganesh Venkatram is my favourite contestant.because he is very very jenun person.he always help for another contestants.he doesn’t give to any problems for another i’ll vote for Ganesh venkatram.

  7. Indhirani Rajesh

    Ganesh Venkatram is a correct person of bigg boss title.

  8. prakash


  9. Dhayanidhi

    Snehan is a real person to help village and I like his speach and I really trust him

  10. R Rangan

    Snehan is going to be the winner, because he is amicable with every body, does the tasks wholeheartedly, guides the fellow contestants, spontaneous lyrics, multi talented and finally his charitable cause on winning prize.
    Appears selfless, clever and convincing.

  11. Nandhakumar

    Snekan bro winner….kadavul pathi mirukam pathi kalanthu seitha kalavai…. Ulley mirukam veliey kadavul ….pala arasiyalvathiyin nizangal ithu….

  12. Nagavalli Dhinakaran

    Ganesh vengatram really super person.

  13. Dhina

    Arav the winner he is the one of the strongest candidate

  14. Dhina

    Ganesh the winner he is the one of the strongest candidate and he played as a Gentile man in this house

  15. Girija sathishkumar

    Arav is a real person. He going to be the winner

  16. Ramya

    Snehan us real person he is title winner


    Snehan (Real & Practical life) play on big boss.

  18. Manikandan

    Arav is a real person

  19. M.kanagarathinam

    Snegan sir than bigg boss winner

  20. prabhavathi Mohankumar

    Ganesh will be the title winner. He is the hardworking and genuine person who doesn’t care about others backstabbing and hurting anyone emotions. Also he is the one who handles situation smoothly and patiently.Truth never dies.

  21. sai priya

    #arav will the #bigg_boss win the tittle of this season

  22. sai priya

    surly arav will win the tittle in the bigg boss

  23. Sai priya

    Arav will win the bigg boss title i season 1 his the asal winner of big boss

  24. Murugan

    Win for harsh kalyan

  25. Dhilsath

    Arav is the most strongest contestant in the house. In all task he plays very honest and takes it as sportive. He is the nice person in bigg boss house. Comparing to all contestant he will not get angry at any situation and handle everything so smoothly.

  26. Dhilsath

    Arav is the bigg boss title winner.He is the gentle, lovely and nice heart toucheable person. From the beginning he didn’t hurt anyone. He is friendly to all the contestants. He gives full involvement and effort to all the task.

  27. R.Ellappan

    Snehan is a correct person to win the Bigg Boss title because he always help for another contestants,so
    he is my favorite contestant.

  28. durga

    Arav the winner he is the one of the strongest candidate…He is very dedicated person…

  29. R.Ellappan

    Snehan win the Bigg Boss title because he is a hard worker.

  30. Elizabeth carvalho

    Snekan must win the title Big Boss, he is honest person

    1. Elizabeth carvalho

      Snekan is very honest and sincere person, he deserve the title bigg boss, friendly and supportive to the home mates, kind hearted to eveeyone

  31. Manikandan

    snehan very good person .
    100./. title winer . It’s true man.
    it is belive man. kamalhashan sir it’s best anger. kamal is next chef minister.
    snehan it’s good hard worker.
    student education and laibray 5000000
    donetdet i am impress .

  32. Manikandan

    snegan very good person .
    100./. title winer . It’s true man.
    it is believe man.
    snegan it’s good hard worker.
    village student education support snegan.

  33. Dharani

    Snehan 100% he deserve for the title winner

  34. Radhakrishnan

    Big boss veetla Enakku pudichavanga snegan, yenna avar Ella velayum manapoorvamaa yethukitu seiyararu. Mathavangalukku help panraaru. Task nalla panraaru. Eĺlaathukum mela bigg boss veetla win panni panam jaichaa atha makkalku,ilaijargaluku library kattuvaarnu sollirukkaru. Ethan perku intha maathiri gunam varum sollunga paapom. Antha thikingkavey avarkku vote podanum. Village people ku helpfully irukkum. Ibarra pola ellarum mun varanum thank u.

  35. P. veeramoorthy

    Ganesh bro karanagkal 1. mathavangala mathiry avaru poramapaturathu illa 2. bigg boss kudumpathil entha oru pirachanaum pasi theerthu vaippathu athigama avardhan 3. athigama naamnet seiyappadathavar 4. nice man 5. bigg boss kudumpathil ullavargal anavaridamum orey mathiry palagupavar 6. yaridamum potty poramai illathavar

  36. Indhirani Rajesh

    Ganesh tha BB title vanga thakuthiyanavar. Yenna ethuvaraikum BB veetla avarala yentha oru pirachanaiyum vanthathilla.yaarayum kurai solrathilla,yellar kootayum sahasama irukkar. Task yellthulayum interested irukkar.ethukku mela Vera yena pl vote for him.

  37. kannan k

    Winner is shnegan because he is very honest and he is playing very well

  38. Lakshmi R

    Winning a life is not that ease.Biggboss highlight how much over standard of living been spoilt.Since we are not engaged properly .And more over the guidance are not upto the mark .Life make its twist and turns as it wishes .Same laws will never work out for all.We screamed at certain persons behaviour at bigboss it the least things shown.More worst is the reality .Schools should play a vital role along with the parents.Parents should realize the reponsibility to bring up a child.

  39. Lakshmi R

    Arav ‘s broughtup is fine and admirable.He is the real roll model for younger generation

  40. prakash.p

    தெளிவான சிந்தனை
    சிறந்த அனுகுமுறை
    சமூக அக்கறை
    தன்மீது மட்டுமல்லாமல் பிறர்நலனிலும் அக்கறை காட்டும் நற்பண்புகள் வெற்றி பெறவேண்டும் என்ற துணிவுமிக்க ஆற்றல் இவை அனைத்து திறமையுடனும் பிக்பாஸ் வீட்டில் மட்டுமல்லாமல் மக்கள் மனதிலும் நல்ல மனிதம் உள்ள மனிதனாக விளையாடி வாழ்ந்துகொண்டிருக்கும் ஸ்னேகமுள்ள ஸ்னேகன் அவர்களே வெற்றி பெற தகுதியும் திறமையும் உள்ளவர் ஸ்னேகன் அவர்கள் வெற்றியாளறாகவும் பிக்பாஸ் டைட்டில் வெற்றி நாயகனாகவும் வரவேண்டும் என்பது எனது ஆசை மட்டுமல்ல தமிழக மக்களின்(பிக்பாஸ் ரசிகர்களின்)ஆசையும்கூட…இது நடக்குமென்று நம்புகிறேன் பிக்பாஸ் பார்க்கும் பலகோடி ரசிகர்களில் bingoyumitosவுடன் உங்கள் நான்

  41. prakash.p

    ஸ்னேகன் பிக்பாஸ் வெற்றி நாயகன்


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