Zee Talkies Devacha Theva Contest – Participate And Win Prizes

zeetalkies devacha-theva presenting best contest for you so if you are having talent then you will be winner of this contest. Its a best time for every one those who are loving or always ready to play contest for them this contest has launched. Read all terms and condition before play.

Zee Talkies Devacha Theva Contest – Participate And Chance To Win Exciting Prizes

An amazing contest has declare by zeetalkies devacha-theva so we are again here with this super contest. If you will luck then you will shining winner of zeetalkies devacha-theva. Don’t think much to play this contest and must play it. If you are lover of contest then its a best time for you. So don’t miss this amazing chance to be a winner.

Link : http://www.zeetalkies.com/devacha-theva/terms/

How To play Contest:

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  1. Contest is related to movies telecast on the channel– ‘Zee Talkie and all are related to it and Contest is conducted by the company – Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.
  2. Contest is based on during the movie telecast on the Channel between 12.00 pm till 10.00 pm from Monday to Sunday, Monday.
  3. multiple choice question will be asked every hour and participants have to give answer of it.
  4. So total of 10 Daily Contest Questions will be asked on each day of the Contest Period from Monday-Sunday.
  5. You can give answer by phone number (landline/toll free/mobile numbers) displayed on the Channel and to take participate you also have to give a single missed call.
  6. So contest will only open from 12.00 pm on April 24, 2017 until 10.00 pm on May 31, 2017.

So its an very easy contest to play don’t miss the chance to play and win. Its a golden time for those who are loving to watch TV. So don’t take much time play it now.



Disclaimer: Before Participate any contest. You must read all terms and conditions which provide by the contest organizer on their website or pages. We are not responsible any personal and other damage of yours. Check Our Disclaimer.

One thought on “Zee Talkies Devacha Theva Contest – Participate And Win Prizes

  1. amar ganvir

    mi एक मराठी लव स्टोरी तयार केली आहे आणि मला त्या लव स्टोरी वर एक फ़िल्म बंवाची आहे मला पण माहित आहे ही लव स्टोरी तुम्हाला खुप आवडेल आणि तुम्ही सुद्धा ही फ़िल्म बंवाला माझी मदत करनार मी ही लव स्टोरी तुम्हाला देणार पण mla काही तरी हव तुम्ही मला ते द्या मी तुम्हाला ती लव स्टोरी देणार आता तुम्ही विचार करा तुम्हाला ही लव स्टोरी हवि का जर हवी असेल तर मला ह्या number vr call kra …. 9028271841. + ..8484878599…. majh nav amar ganvir ……


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