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Star Plus Star Parivaar Awards 2017 – Online Vote To Your Favourite

Star plus star Parivar awards brings online vote to your Favorited so now you are having a chance to support your favorite Jodi on the Star Plus. If you are lover of Star Plus and then its a golden time for you to support your Favorite Star.

Star Plus Star Parivaar Awards 2017 – Online Vote To Your Favourite

Hello every one we are again here with your favorite show Star plus and now it is going to organise Star plus star Parivar awards. So if you are lover of Star play or if you like it then star plus is giving you an opportunity to support your favorite actor and give them vote. Its time to show you love and support your favorite actor from your heart.

Link :

How to Online vote to your Favorited Actor.

  1. You only have to log onto

So these are your option to vote your Favourite actor so don’t miss chance to support your Favourite actor and give them vote so if you are the lover of Star Plus then its have a golden chance to you.

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  1. Plzz vote for shivika

    1. Anika shivaay

    2. Rakshitha jayram shetty

      I like them a lot

    3. Only shivika

    4. anika shivaye

      1. They both are marblous actor . I like them so much . I see all episodes . They both look ossmm

      2. They both are marblous actor . I like them so much . I see all episodes . They both look ossmm

  2. Fav naya sadasya female=Anika
    Fav naya sadasya male= Omkara
    Fav digital female= Anika
    Fav digital male= Shivaay
    Fav jodi= shivika

  3. All my votes for kaira…kartik and naira….love u so much…I request all kaira fans to vote them too….????

      1. fav jodi-raman ishita
        fav patni-ishita
        fav pati- raman

    1. plz plz plz?❤?vote for Kairaz
      kartik and Naira is a no. 1jodi?????

      1. Mohsin khan??
        And Shivangi joshi??kartik is so cute I❤?aNd plz vote for shivin???and also kartik+Naira=kaira♡☆♡

    2. Anika is the best wife plz plz vote her

  4. Fav patni nandini
    Fav pati. SSO
    Fav ma. Ishima
    Fav new sadsya male. Chandra
    Fav new sadsya female. Anika
    Fav Jodi. Shivay Anima
    Most popular show. Ye hai mohabbatein
    Most. Entertaing sadsya. Rudra

    1. Fav patni nandini and fav new sadasya male chandra u both are mah one of the fav couple love u a lotssssss chandra nandini…. ????

    2. Favourite patni Anika
      Favourite pati shivaay
      Most popular show Ishqbaaz
      Favourite Jodi Shivika

      1. Favourite patni – surbhi chandna, favourite female lead actress – surbhi chandna, favourite jori-shivika

  5. Favourite jodi- Shivaay and Anika
    Favourite digital female- Anika
    Favourite digital male- Shivaay
    Favourite NAYI sadaysa (female)- Anika
    Favourite NAYA sadaysa (male)- Omkara
    Favourite patni- Anika
    Favourite pati- Shivaay
    Most Popular show- IshqBaaz
    Most entertaining sadaysa- Rudra

  6. Favorite naya sadasya female – Anika
    Favorite Jodi – Shivay anika
    Favorite bahu -anika
    Favorite naya sadasya male – Neil from naamkaran

  7. Favorite bahu – Anika
    Favorite naya sadasya female -Ruhi
    Favorite jodi -shivika

  8. fav patni naina
    Fav pati raghav
    Fav new sadasya male omkara
    Fav new sadasya female gauri
    Fav jodi omkara and gauri
    most popular show dil bole oberoi and ishqbaaz
    most entertaining sadasya rudra

  9. All the votes are for kaira Kartik and naira

  10. Fav pati- chandra
    Fav patni- nandini
    Fav show- chandranandini
    Fav jodi- chandranandini
    Best actor male – chandra
    Best actress female -nandini

  11. All my votes are only for ishqbaaz
    Favorite debut female Anika
    Favorite debut male Omkara
    Favorite digital female Anika
    Favorite digital male Shivaay SSO
    Favorite pathi Shivaay
    Favorite pathni Anika
    Favorite jodi shivika

  12. Fav pati kartik
    Fav patni naira
    Fav Jodi kaira

  13. fav patni – gauri sharma
    new comer- omkara singh oberoi
    fav pati-shivay singh oberoi
    fav jodi – anika and shivay

  14. Fav patni naira?
    Fav pati kartik?
    Fav Jodi kaira?

  15. Fav patni anika
    Fav pati shivay
    Fav jodi shivika
    Fav international jodi shivika
    Fav naya sadasya omkara
    Fav digital award male shivaay
    Fav digital award female anika
    Fav naya sadashya female anika

  16. Anika and shivaay

  17. Anika and shivaay

  18. Tabassum nur atoshi

    Favorite naya sadasya male Neil. Favorite naya sadasya female Avni. Favorite jodi Chandra nandini Favorite pati kartik. Favorite Latin naira

  19. Fav patni naira
    Fav pati kartik
    Fav jodi kaira
    Fav international jodi kaira
    Fav digital award male kartik
    Fav digital award female naira
    & all vote for kaira

    1. fav bati rahi fav panti raman and kartik and panti naira love u kartik

      1. fav jodi kaira and anika shivaay

        1. fav jodi raman ishita

        2. fav jodi raman and ishita

          1. fav beta adi
            fav jodi raman and ishita

  20. Yes shivika are the most deserving for the categories nominated??

  21. Plz give award to saathiya plzzz.and vote for gopi (devoleena )

    Most of the serials in star plus is the best that’s why I watch .My favourite serial is saathiya plz vote for sathiya

  22. Most of the serials in star plus is good thats why i watch it .Plz vote for devoleena , saathiya plzzzzz.☺☺

  23. Plz vote for devoleena , saathiya plzzzzz.☺☺

  24. Plz vote for devoleena , saathiya plzzzzz.☺☺

  25. Plz vote for devoleena , saathiya plzzzzz.☺☺

  26. Plz vote for devoleena ,☺☺

  27. My fav jodi is only n only vitharv vitharv vividha atharv…
    Fav actress is shivani as vividha n actor is vikram as atharv..
    Fav show is jndsd..
    Love you vitharv.. Loads get the title of fav jodi.. I m expecting a lot

  28. Plz vote for omkara and gauri

    1. fav jodi omkara and gauri

      1. fav bata raman adi and kartik nakesh

        1. fav bati ruhi ishita alia

          1. fav bati aliya

          2. fav serial yeh rishta kya kelta hai and yeh hai mohabaatain

          3. fav dad raman

      2. fav beta kartik natik omkara shivaay

  29. Please vote Naira ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Shivika for every award

  31. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for #kaira &# shivika????????

  32. Most Favourite New face (male)-OMKARA
    Most Favourite New face (female)-ANIKA
    Most Favourite Pati-SHIVAAY
    Most Favourite Patni-ANIKA
    Most Favourite Jodi-SHIVIKA
    Most Favourite Bahu-ANIKA
    Most Favourite Beta-SHIVAAY
    Most entertaining sadsya-RUDRA
    Most popular show-ISHQBAAZ

    1. Most favourite international jodi-SHIVIKA

    2. Shivika is the best jodi.

  33. All awards to ISHQBAAZ

    1. Ishqbaaz

  34. Plz Vote for kartik and naira

  35. Plz Vote for kaira kaira is the best

  36. I love U kaur a. . Pleke vote for kartik and Naira
    In all nominations. .
    Fav Pati = Kartik
    Fav Patni = Naira
    Fav Jodi = Kaira
    Best Serial = Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai

  37. Fav Bahu = Naira

  38. pls vote for naina and raghav….
    they are the best jodiii …………………………………..

  39. i like naina and raghav and they are the best jodi……….
    pls vote…..

  40. Please…….. Vote for shivika and ishqbaazb and dil bole oberoi serial. Shivika is no.1 best jodi ,

  41. Pls pls vote for iahqbaaz

    1. Pls pls vote for ishqbaaz

  42. Fav naya sadaysa female :-naira
    Fav naya sadaysa male :-kartik
    Fav jodi :-kaira
    Fav bahen :- ruhi

  43. ishita and raman….awesome actors..altho storyline
    took a bad turn . Love themI

  44. Please vote for naira and kartik
    Naya sadasya and fewret jodi award.please

  45. Isita and raman

    1. raman and isita
      international jodi

  46. My favourite jodi shivika
    My favourite pati shivay sso
    My favourite international show ishqbaaz
    My favourite naya sadshya anik and omkara
    My favourite entertaining sadshya rudra

  47. Vote for shivika ishqbaaz

  48. All votes to shivika

  49. Shivika should win


  51. Please vote for Chandra nandni……???

  52. sonu Kumar mali

    Fav pati- chandra
    Fav patni- nandini
    Fav show- chandranandini
    Fav jodi- chandranandini
    Best actor male – chandra
    Best actress female -nandini ….????

  53. sonu Kumar mali

    Fav pati- chandra
    Fav patni- nandini
    Fav show- chandranandini
    Fav jodi- chandranandini
    Best actor male – chandra
    Best actress female -nandini ….???? vote for that….

  54. Anika and shivay

  55. I ❤❤❤❤❤??????????????????????shivikaa sooooo sooo much & my vote always goes 4 shivikaaaa!!!!!my dear freinds plz plz plz plz plz………..plz..plz..plz.plz…plz…plz
    vote 4 ur fvrte couple shivikaaaa!!!!

  56. I love shivik vitharv they are best Jodi forever and best actress is shivani surve and best actor is Atharv pls plßssssssssssss??

  57. I like shivika they are best Jodi forever And shivay is best actor and gauri is best patni plz vote for them

  58. Shivika is my favourite jodi…. luv u guys

  59. Dil Bole obaroi is my favorite jodi I like omkara and Gauri.they are Beautiful

  60. Shivika is the besttttttttt ? i wish them to baggg sooooo much of awards ……….anika ur action is tooo cute al the bst

  61. Always Shivika s the best . Ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi s the best.. Omri Shivika and rumya r the best

  62. Favourite jodi shiva and animals

  63. Please best pati patni ka award shivay and anika ko hi dijiye

  64. fav jodi atharv vividha
    fav ma ishita
    fav debute male atharv
    fav debute female vividha
    fav pita raman
    fav naya sadasya omkara
    fav naya sadasya female vivha
    fav bahu naira
    fav saas ammaji
    fav sasur naitik
    fav international jodi atharv vivdha shivvay anika
    fav beti vivdha
    fav beta shivay
    fav digital sadasya shivvay
    fav stylish sadasya naira
    fav pati kartik
    fav patni ishita

    1. yes write

  65. fav show jana na dil se door

  66. Shibhika is my favirite jodi. please vote for shibayy and anika

  67. Shibayy and anika my heart ?????????

  68. shibayy and anika

  69. dil bole oberoi ?????????????

  70. dil bole oberoi is my love

  71. Dil bole oberoi???

  72. Dil bole oberoi is my faborite jodi. they are glorious

  73. Dil bole oberoi is myfaborite jodi

  74. shibaay and anika is my important and faborite jodi

  75. Shibaay and anika

  76. Shibaay and anika. are my favorite pasenger

  77. Shivika is my favorite jodi Ilove guis

  78. pleade vote shivika

  79. Shivika (atharv Vovidha) world best cupple
    Love u…



  81. fav jodi raman and ishita

    1. fav beti ruhi fav beta adi

  82. fav maa ishita

  83. fav jodi naria kartik

  84. vijay kumar sanei

    fav jodi naria kartik

  85. vijay kumar sanei

    fav jodi raman ishita

  86. fav jodi raman ishita

  87. fav jodi kartik naira

  88. fav jodi raman and ishita

  89. fav jodi naria kartik

  90. fav jodi raman and ishita

  91. fav jodi naria and kartik

  92. fav jodi raman and ishita

  93. fav jodi naria and kartik

  94. fav jodi raman and ishita

  95. fav jodi naria and kartik

  96. The best couple award goes to Avneil

  97. Sonali Priyadarshini Das

    Aditi Rathore is the best actress in the world
    Zain Imam best actor

  98. Best actress aditi rahor best actor zain imam and best jodi avneie

  99. Only ishqbaaaz bast show bast joid ShiviKa bast all awad shivika

  100. only bast jodi shivika all awad shivika and om gore bast pate ptni bhui

  101. Best Jodi Shivay and Anika ?

  102. Pls vote for avniel. I want avniel to win

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