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Tourism Thailand 6sense Contest – Chance To Win 2-Week Trip To Thailand

In this Tourism Thailand 6sense contest organized for the all people who has 6sense. So Enjoy the 6 Activities with 6 Senses in Thailand. This is so amazing contest for all interested people.

Tourism Thailand 6sense contest- Participate & Get a Chance to Win 2-Week Trip To Thailand with a friend

This Tourism Thailand 6sense contest to Join this contest and tag a friend to come together and 6 prizes with 6 winners and their partners will get a free trip to Thailand in this Tourism Thailand 6sense contest. Let’s create a new journey together with the exciting experience, so you can come and participate in this contest and win prizes. In this Tourism Thailand 6sense contest participates in this contest and win the Thailand trip. There are 6sense below:

  • 1st sense sight
  • 2nd sense taste
  • 3rd sense smell
  • 4th sense hearing
  • 5th sense touch
  • 6th sense belief


How to participate:

All 6senses are as follows you can choose and play in this Tourism Thailand 6sense contest:

1st SENSE SIGHT-if you want to experience some of the sublime beauty that the country has to offer for you, there are many beautiful places waiting for you, so Close your eyes and imagine a vast blue lake, stretching for more than 20,000 across in this contest.

2nd SENSE TASTE- In this sense, almost everyone has tasted tea, but in some villages in the north of Thailand, tea is used as a constituent in food.

3rd SENSE SMELL-Thailand is full of aromas, that fragrance of beautiful Thai flowers, the incredible aroma of Thai food, to the smell of incense burning at Buddhist temples. So you want to experience these unique aromas? Let’s see which scent is for you.

4th SENSE HEARING- Sounds of Thailand, no matter where you hear them you’ll always recognize the distinct Thai sound.

5th SENSE TOUCH- The impressive touch that you will never forget, if you never try, you will never know, so will be audacious. Well you can at the Thai Elephant Care Centre in Chiang Mai is an elephant sanctuary, but how many chances will you get to have this unique experience.

6th SENSE BELIEF- In Thailand, there is a famous saying “doesn’t believe it, don’t disrespect it”. In Thailand, many people believe in ghosts and there are many cultural events, festivals and traditions based around this strong belief. Click the website link for more information.

Prize: win a 2-week trip to Thailand with a friend.

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