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Tushar Ganeriwal – Contest Winner Interview and Profiles

Hello friends

Today we will meet you Master Tushar Ganeriwal from Surat Gujrat. He is just 15 year old boy who is studying in 10th class. He belongs to a good upper Middle class family and he is a splendid player of online contests. He plays only when he gets bored and thinks what he will do. We asked some questions about his online contest world .He plays only when he is free and want to do for some time pass.

Question1How would you introduced yourself ??
Tushar :- I would like to introduce myself as a Student – Entrepreneur

Question2: – What is your hobbies?
Tushar :- :- I love to stay in touch with Technological Instruments, Exploring things will be mine main Hobby

Question3: – When and how you introduced into the world on online and social media contests?
Tushar :- :- Actually, One day I searched for Free talktime and then I came to know about EarnTalktime they offered 10rs for downloading 9apps. I downloaded and Got the recharge. I saw Join our facebook page and I liked it. After few days I saw contest post and then Ignored because I thought all contests are fake. Then I saw result post. After I tried to play and lost. Then I gave my best and won a Headphone. It was a great start. I won couple of Prizes in the same month. Then I saw a Smartphone contest and Told my dad to participate. He never believed but tried for timepass and could get a reason to taunt. But he won and got the prize. In the same week My mom won Mi4 and I won Note4! Actually, That was end of my contest arena. I stopped playing. I saw a chance of winning 60k and I played but I lost and got consolation prize. I left and entered to Page world And I make pretty much good amount. smile emoticon

Question4: – What is your secret of success on social media and online contest?
Tushar :- :- Dedication and Hardwork

Question5: – What you feel when u won your biggest prizes from online contest
Tushar :- :- I felt great smile emoticon I was excited but wo sad too as others were not happy but, Someone told, Noone will be happy when You will win! You’re happy and that’s the only thing which matters

Question6: – Your biggest prizes list ?
Tushar :- :- Note4 and 6000rs and other small prizes

Question7: – What is your massage for new players
Tushar :- :- I just wanna say..
Be good with Everyone but don’t be so personal no one is loyal here

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