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Win Daily Super Bicycle Or Amazing Prizes By Shiva Contest

Watch shiva program Monday to Friday 6:30 pm on Nickindia Channel and give a answer of Simple question. Get a chance to win super bicycle or more prizes

Chance To Win Daily Super Bicycle And Other Amazing Prizes By Nickindia Siva Contest

This contest is announces by nickindia. This contest is related to the Shiva Show. Shiva Show is a children show. Shiva Contest has a lucky chance to win daily Super bicycle and other prizes. All children must show this programmed Monday to Friday 6:30 pm. On this show give a simple of simple question. If you are winner then win super bicycle. All children see this contest on nick channel. For More detail related to this contest must visit on this official web link:

When you click on given then a webpage of this contest. All childrens must read all information is related to this contest. Participant select option from A and B. You should one select option and submit. After submission means your entry is entered in this contest.
That chance is not for long Period. Interested children must participate before the last this completion. The Shiva Show on story around 9 years old boy. He is a regular school going fun loving kid. All children’s enjoys being with his friends Shiva. Shiva is an energetic and powerful boy. . He never cheats and always helps people. He is always cool and calm.
Don’t miss that lucky chance. I hope more and more children and chance to win more amazing prizes. Just give a simple question of answer and get a chance to win super bicycle or more amazing prizes. All right is reserve by Nick India. All Children read terms and conditions then apply. Apply Terms and condition.
All the best all children!!!!!

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  1. i am win cool bicycle

    1. Kitne savalo ka javab dene me bicycle jeetenga

      1. Muse pata nahi

    2. I love you shiva

    3. it is you are win cool bicycle

    4. kaise jiti bicycle

      1. How we can get sjiva cycle?

        nandan gaikwad

    5. question kis type ka tha

      1. pathanai

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          1. I collected 30 cards and please give Shiva cycle me Address – Ansal sushant city house no 1141 , panipat mobile number – 8168781599

  3. This is very Nice program I love shiva

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    2. 9978101637

      1. Hlo, shiva my brother collect 30 shiva power card. so send me the procedure

  4. Gayes i m not win cool bicycle but LOVE SHIVA

  5. Thank you I love this programme

  6. I will participating this contest

  7. my age 20,I am watch in siva with nick channel this is the amazing show.This show gave in good suggestions I love this show

  8. I love Shiva. It is so nice

  9. 24 quens B anser latoo singh saat

  10. I like shvia 1st canton

    1. i like shiva

  11. Bycycal ilike mast shiva

  12. I love my favourite show episode shiva and motu patlu and oggy and cockroaches
    My age 19 yerar old

  13. i love to watch this channel as it has interesting question as i won a bicycle and it’s a beautiful cycle

    1. hai ruchi we are friends where is in question

      1. I love shiva contest

  14. i win super cool bicycle thank u Shiva program

    1. hi have got 15 shiva power cards

  15. I love shiva very much it’s stunt is so nice

  16. very nice program and i like his bicycle stunts

  17. I am win cool bicycle

  18. Hii i love shiva

  19. Shiva is best




  22. Hi. I’m SALIM MALLIK. I regular watching Shiva episodes its beautiful program for all. My baby is love Shiva. He is two years old. He tell him self. I’m shiva. Thank to nick give beautiful program like motu pattlu & Shiva.

  23. I will win super cool bicycle

  24. nice cycle

  25. I love a super cool cycle

  26. Shiva you are great you are not a kid you are a rider

  27. Shiva you are great no .1 you are not kid you are a rider

  28. You are the best

    1. my best friend shiva

  29. very nice program and i like his bicycle stunts

  30. i love to watch this channel as it has interesting question

  31. My loving show Shiva i like it Shiva shiva ka Sara episode muja but acha lagta ha dilok is amajing jetne taref karo khtam he nahi ho the

  32. i love this chainal very much and iam very agrey to shiva very intresting

  33. My favorite cartoon is shiva and I want super cool bicycle

    1. hi have got 15 shiva power cards

  34. I like his stunts he is a hero

  35. I love Shiva play this game daily

  36. I love Shiva and I see him in the Tv daily please give me cycles

  37. Hello administrator when we will get the cycle of the contest.Because I have sent many answer

  38. Ritik Kumar Makrana

    I win the cycle…………..

  39. Ritik kumar makrana

    I am win the nice cycle

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      Wear do get cycle of shiva

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  44. Shiva is my favourit show.I liked shiva.

  45. i love shiva

  46. Please please give me a cool cycle

  47. I love him because of his bravery and honesty

  48. I like this show very much I am from Nepal I want to win super cool cycle.

  49. I will win the cycle

  50. i am from Bombay

  51. i will win the cycle

  52. i like shiva so much

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  55. kya main bhi winner ban sakta hu

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  58. i want be winner please i don’t have bicycle so give me bicycle or iPhone please shiva please

  59. I from chandannagore plese give the collest cycle

  60. I immensely mad of shiva .I like him very much.i want to be like shiva.super hero

  61. Nice Shiva and ladoo ji so cool …..shiva ki bikescile kya modifight karvahi hay mast hay shiva

    1. I want to Answer ninja hattori contest

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    I love Shiva because he is the superhero of my.
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  78. How to participate in the contest?

  79. I am very fast run on bicyacle

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  81. I believe you

  82. he is a super power full boy


  84. I want buy Shiva cycle kindly reply is any seller there

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  87. Iwin a super cool by cycle

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  93. i am 19 year old but already seen this channel and also enjoy and fun all the program

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    1. I want new ?. Please

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  129. am i win the contest or not

  130. How I win bicycle

    1. i don’t know

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  198. Sir I want to know that when is the next upcoming shiva cycle contest

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